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If activated, you can view documents from external sources directly in dynaBOARD (e.g. from Confluence). These usually include project plans, documentations and images.


If documents have already been made available to you, you will see a list of documents in a dynamic table. You can sort the table by clicking on the headers of the table. By entering a keyword in the search field you can search the document titles. Clicking on the pagination buttons lets you browse through the pages. You can also limit the number of entries per page you want to view.

Viewing documents

You may click on the document titles or the view icon in the actions column to view the document within dynaBOARD.

On the top right hand you see a print button. You may use it to print out the page, without the top and bottom borders from dynaBOARD.

On the lower left you see the back button, which allows you to return to the Documents area.

Content filtering

The most important things to know about how dynaBOARD filters the content from Confluence to make it most efficient:

  • external links (e.g. to other websites) will remain unchanged
  • links to other pages within Confluence will be converted to dynaBOARD links. If you see an internal link, and clicking on it does not work, the page has not been made accessible to you. Contact your administrator to gain access to these pages, if possible.
  • links to JIRA issues will be converted to dynaBOARD links, so you can click on them and view the links within dynaBOARD.

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