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dynaBOARD offers your customers their own user access to the most important project operating figures in a web-based portal. Directly synced from JIRA it includes automatically generated reports, comments and approval workflows.


Customers, Teams and Stakeholders


  • Web based access with personal user
  • No need for a JIRA user for every single customer / stakeholder
  • Multi-language (currently English and German)
  • NEW Send and receive instant messages directly in dynaBOARD


  • Overview projects key figures (e.g. progress, next version, status distribution, etc.)
  • Customizable by user (project selection, order)
  • Sprint overview with issues contained in sprint
  • Epic overview with issues contained in epic
  • NEW Next release version overview with issues contained in version


  • Search and filter issues by projects
  • View issue detail views
  • View top-down views of full issue hierarchy (i.e. Epic => Story => Subtasks)
  • Create issues (contains name of original submitter)
  • NEW Filters are remembered during session


  • View comments in both dynaBOARD and JIRA
  • Add comments through dynaBOARD
  • Every comment contains name of original submitter


  • View list of issues in an approvable status
  • Approve issues and leave an optional comment
  • Disapprove issues with a mandatory comment
  • NEW Sprint boards view for agile development


  • Create reports by type (projects overview, open issues and approvable issues)
  • Configurable by project
  • Daily, weekly or monthly schedule


  • JIRA webhooks: users can watch issues to get automatically mailed about comment replies (auto-watch if comment posted in dynaBOARD)
  • HipChat: initiate chat with support, auto-create personal rooms and notify staff about chat request
  • HipChat: send notifications to specific room if certain events occur within dynaBOARD (e.g. user login, issue created, comment created, etc.)
  • NEW Confluence: share documents from your wiki with your customers, based on customer rights and page access rights.



  • Only needs a single JIRA user for API access or
  • Use our Atlassian Cloud addon
  • Customize portal name and logo
  • Custom language files (update-safe!)


  • Summary of active/inactive customers, users and projects
  • Activity stream of all your users
  • Diagram of customer logins over the past few days


  • Add projects from your JIRA instance to provide information to customers /stakeholders
  • Define Scrum or Kanban board types
  • Sync project properties automatically (epic fields, etc.)
  • Configure definition of "issue solved" (by resolution or by status)
  • Activate/deactivate issue approval
    • Configure status for approvable issues
    • Configure status for approved issues
    • Configure status for disapproved issues


  • Add customer as organisational unit with name and your customer number
  • View customer details, including activity stream of customer users
  • Set access rights for customers to projects
  • Configure basic rights set for customer users:
    • Issues

      • Show persons

      • Show versions

      • Show priorities

      • Show comments

      • Show due date

      • Show create date

      • Show updated date

      • Create issue

    • Comments
      • View comments

      • Add comments

    • Workflows
      • Approve/disapprove issues
      • NEW View Sprint Boards
    • Reports
      • Manage reports


  • Create partner (=admin) and customer users
  • Customize rights (see "customers" above) per user
  • View user details, including activity stream of user 


  • Overview of your customer reports (schedule, type, etc.)
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