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Users in dynaBOARD can send messages to other users. Click on the "Inbox" item in the top menu, and you will get to your inbox. If a new unread message is present, it will be displayed as a counter next to the "Inbox" item at the top.

You can have a maximum of 100 messages in your inbox. If your inbox is full, and someone sends you another message, it will not be received and the sender gets a corresponding warning message.

Reading messages

Click on the message in the list on the left to view it on the right hand side. It will show you the subject, time and date of the message.

New message

Click on the "New message" button on the top right.

Enter part of the name of the recipient you want to send the message to, and a list with matching results will appear beneath. Click on the desired name, and it will be filled into the recipient field.

Enter a subject and the content of the message. JIRA issue keys will be recognized and parsed in the message field, but no HTML code is allowed.

Click on "Send message" when you are finished.

Answering messages

If you want to answer to a message, click on the "Answer" button (either on the white button at the top right of the message content window, or on the white button at the bottom).

You will then see the same modal window as for new messages, but with pre-filled fields.

Click on "Send message" when you are finished.

Deleting messages

By clicking either on "Delete" (red button on the bottom left) or the trash bin icon (red button on the top right) you can delete messages from your inbox.

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