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  • Admin: managing and synchronizing projects for partners
  • Easier updating through integrated dynaSETUP wizard


  • Fixed cronjobs: some error messages in logs solved
  • Fixed cronjobs: multiple recipients for reports avoided
  • Several minor bugfixes and translation issues


  • Extended logging integrated, especially for user login process

  • Link to helpdesk in area help corrected (now points to correct helpdesk)
  • if setup/index.php file is present, a warning message appears on the login screen (as opposed to earlier redirection to setup directory)
  • Trademark signs added to dynaBOARD name

Database Updates

Please note the update guide concerning database updates here.

Important Changes

  • you can only update from version 0.0.5 (beta) to production version 1.0.1. If your version is older, please manually update to version 0.0.5 or reinstall.
  • you only need to delete the setup/index.php file after the update/installation, all other files in the setup directory can (but most not) remain on the server.
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