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With JIRA Cloud

This is the most common setup. If you are using JIRA from the Atlassian Cloud you just need to install the dynaBOARD Addon from within your JIRA instance. See Installation with JIRA Cloud for further information.

After the installation you should proceed with the Partner guide and set up your customers / teams to access dynaBOARD.

With JIRA Server

If you are using JIRA as a self-hosted version (JIRA Server), you need the following for connecting to dynaBOARD:

  • JIRA installed on your infrastructure and connected to the internet (contact us if you are using ip based firewalls)
  • 1 free JIRA user for API access by dynaBOARD (needs access rights set up for the projects you want to connect)

See the Installation guide (JIRA self-hosted) for further information.

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