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With JIRA Server

Server Resources

Please check if your server (your choice of physical or virtual) meets the minimum requirements below. Also have a look at the recommended hardware specifications if you plan to have a larger number of users.

Minimum Requirements

PropertyMinimum requirement
CPU / Cores1 Core with at least 2 Ghz

4 GB Swap

5 GB application (including cache)

+ space for operating system

Bandwidth10Mbit could be sufficient, 100Mbit advisable

Recommended Specifications

The following table only lists examples. Exact server specifications cannot be given, as it all depends on usage behavior and size of JIRA projects.

Property10 - 50 users50 - 100 users100+ users
CPU / Cores

2 Cores, min. 2 Ghz each

3-4 Cores, min. 2.5 Ghz each

4-6 Cores, min. 2.5 Ghz each


8 GB Swap

5-8 GB application

10 GB Swap

10-12 GB application

SSDs for swap and database advisable

10 GB Swap

15+ GB application

SSDs for swap and database advisable

 + space for operating system
Bandwidth100 Mbit100 Mbit100+ Mbit

Webserver & Compiler

dynaBOARD is a PHP-based application, so it typically runs on a LAMP-stack (Linux-Apache- MySQL-PHP). As an alternative to Apache, you can also run on nginx - if you have a lot of users, or experience performance issues, this is a very good option.

It can be run on Windows, but we do not officially support it, and advise to use Linux, especially for security and stability reason. If you plan to run dynaBOARD on Windows, you should be aware that some features can be unavailable.

Options marked in bold (see below) are the preferred choice.

Operating System

The following list shows the supported operating systems:

  • CentOS 7.x+ 

Other options - untested but should prove not much of a challenge to get dynaBOARD running (unsupported): CentOS 6, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise, other Linux types.


It is required to run at least PHP 5.4.x.

The following PHP extensions are required by dynaBOARD:

  • mysqlnd
  • gd
  • mbstring
  • bcmath
  • xmlrpc
  • cli

 Please make sure these are installed.


You should either use Apache2 or nginx as your webserver. You can also try other variants, though we will not be able to support you with these. Use the most recent stable one. The webserver should be configured to only allow for SSL-encrypted access to dynaBOARD (usually via port 443), else you could end up with serious security problems. Set up the virtual hosts accordingly.


Currently only MySQL is directly supported by dynaBOARD. We use an abstraction database layer, which we can map to other database systems. If you need a connector for a different database, please contact our support.

The minimum required version of MySQL is 5.6.x+.

Other Requirements

The following additional libraries or applications are required:

  • ionCube Loader, current stable version for your operating system (could also work with Zend equivalent)

With JIRA Cloud

Sorry, this would be a very uncommon configuration. We currently do not support such a variant, and do not plan to do so in the future.

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