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In order to update a dynaBOARD Server installation, please proceed as follows:


Head over to our customer portal at and log in. Then click on Services > My Services. There click on the product name in the list (usually "dynaBOARD Server..."). Then you see the license details. In the left hand side, click on Downloads, and select the version you want to update to:

Activate maintenance mode

Activate the maintenance mode in the settings area of your admin account. This will show your customers/partners that the system is currently undergoing maintenance, and prohibit any access to the system.

Make sure you whitelist your IP in your settings, to allow for changing the mode later on (though you might also do this manually in the table dbd_config, key: SYS_OPMODE, value = 1)

Database backup

Make a backup of your database, to avoid any problems or errors from a failed update.

Upload to server

After you downloaded the package, either

  • extract the files from archive locally, and upload them to your installation directory on your server by FTP, or
  • upload the archive to your server, and extract it there to your installation directory

You can overwrite the files if prompted to do. No custom configuration files will be overwritten, as most are stored in the database.

Proceed with update wizard

Just call

and follow the instructions, replacing "yourdomain" with the domain under which your dynaBOARD Server installation is running.


Remove the file setup/index.php and log into dynaBOARD.

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