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VersionPlanned release dateContent/Features April 2017

Confluence Integration - DYNBD-37

WebDAV-Integration - Sprint Boards (JIRA 7.x+) - DYNBD-39

Workflow extension: dismiss issues - DYNBD-10


Sending internal messages to users - DYNBD-48

Versions filter and dashboard view - DYNBD-65 2017

JIRA Service Desk WebDAV-Integration - DYNBD-4739

Integration of JIRA custom fields - DYNBD-9

API: Single-Sign-On (SSO) Workflow extension: dismiss issues - DYNBD-4610 2017

Sprint Boards (JIRA 7.x+JIRA Service Desk Integration - DYNBD-47

API: Single-Sign-On (SSO) - DYNBD-1246

Usage type selection (specifies customer or department namespaces) - DYNBD-25 2017Customizing design and colors for cloud - DYNBD-66
unplanned2018Dashboard for large display formats - DYNBD-49