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The sprint board boards view gives you an overview of the issues in progress within the current sprint cycle of your developers. It shows you the issues currently part of the sprint, based on the selected project, as well as their corresponding status and priority.


Be advised: this feature is available only in Corporate licenses and above (server and cloud).

Project selection

You can select the project you want to view the boards for on the top right corner.

Board selection

The selected project can have multiple boards, and these can be selected on the top left.

Board view

The columns in the board view table are based on status of the issues. The icon next to the issue key shows the type of the issue (e.g. Story, Improvement, etc.), and the icon next to the issue summary shows the priority of the issues. Move your mouse over the icons to see the description of the icon.

The color of the issue cards show their general status:

Grey - leftmost column, usually the "To Do" status.

Green - the rightmost column, usually the finished status.

Yellow - all other columns, usually in some way of progress status, and not yet finished.