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The Dashboard gives you a quick overview about

  • what is still missing ("Getting started...")
  • what is happening right now ("Activity")
  • how much your customers / teams used dynaBOARD in the last few days ("Customer logins" diagram)
  • the current status of projects / customers / users ("Summary")

First steps

When you log into dynaBOARD the first time with your partner user, you will see the "Getting started..." panel:

Here you see the tasks that need to be done before your customers / teams can use dynaBOARD. Just click on the icon, and it will take you to the corresponding page to set up the required objects.

Add projects - you need to add projects from JIRA to dynaBOARD, to filter which projects shall be available to which customer / team.

Create customer - a customer object is needed before creating users. If you use dynaBOARD for internal projects, customers are in fact your teams or departments. Customers are in a way containers for users, and many restrictions  and projects associations can be set on the customer level, so you do not need to set them again on each user.

Create user - once the previous two objects are set up, you can start creating users for your customers / teams. Users inherit the rights from the customer object, but can be customized individually.


This panel gives you a quick overview about active and inactive (e.g. locked) users, projects and customers.

Clicking on any number (active and/or inactive) results in a redirect to the specific administration area. For example, clicking on the number in the active customer field gets you to the customer administration.

Customer logins

The diagram shows the logins of your customer users in the last 10 days.

If you hover with your mouse over the dots of the diagram, it will display the exact number of logins on the designated date.


The activity stream shows you the activities of all your users at a glance. The most current entries are always on the top.

Specific objects like Users, projects and issues are linked to the corresponding admin or view pages.

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